My Favorite Foods for Weight Loss

Kale – Kale is excellent for weight loss because it is nutrient dense and full of fiber. Healthy low calorie sources of nutrients, like green vegetables, that are packed with fiber keep you feeling full for longer periods of time. They also help you feel satisfied faster which prevents overeating. Kale also works to keep your digestive system regular which is ideal for healthy weight loss. If you have trouble keeping fresh kale in the fridge, a good option is pure organic kale powder.

Coconut Oil – Coconut oil is a natural weight loss superstar! Coconut oil is a medium chain fat which means it is burned for energy instead of being stored. It also boosts your metabolism and promotes a flat stomach. Coconut oil also helps improve the health of your digestive system, and when it comes to natural weight loss, the health of your digestive system can be the key to success.

Wild Seafood – Wild, NOT farmed, seafood is perfect for weight loss because it is relatively low calorie, high in protein, and high in healthy omega fats. Healthy omega fats work to reduce your waistline by reducing overall body fat. The myth that dietary fat causes body fat is not so cut and dry. Healthy fats -like those from coconut oil, seafood, certain nuts and seeds, and wild seafood- actually promote healthy weight loss.

Fermented Foods – Similar to foods containing healthy fats, fermented foods work to boost the health of the digestive system and promote healthy weight loss. Fermented foods, and probiotic supplements, work to replenish the amount of good bacteria found in your digestive system. This beneficial bacteria promotes digestive health, weight loss, mental and emotional health, immune health, and more.

Plant Extracts –Certain extracts taken from raw, all natural, wild harvested plants are proven to promote healthy weight loss.Extracts such as African Mango Seed Extract (igob131) and Green Coffee Bean Extract are known to promote all natural weight loss. These extracts, though they are not whole foods, are safe and effective for promoting natural and healthy weight loss.

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