How to Hide the Taste of Yucky Superfoods

Cod Liver Oil – Try taking fermented cod liver oil in a shot glass and chasing with freshly squeezed juice. You could also try mixing a bit of honey and cinnamon into your cod liver oil and chase it with organic whole milk. Some people even learn to love the taste of cod liver oil over time. If you are not one of those people, you could always try cod liver oil capsules.

Algae & Kelp – Algae and kelp supplements such as spirulina. chlorella, and kelp can be hidden in all sorts of different recipes. The best spirulina recipes are green smoothies. They are naturally sweet and flavorful and the flavor of the fresh greens blends well with the spirulina or chlorella powder. It is best to buy organic greens powders whenever it is possible.

Beef Liver – Can’t stomach liver and onions? Even after you’ve heard how nutrient dense they are? Well, that isn’t surprising. Beef liver is packed with protein and important vitamins and minerals, but the taste can be hard to stomach. Luckily, you can purchase grass-fed and hormone free desiccated liver supplements at many health food stores.

Fermented Foods – Not a fan of sauerkraut? How about kimchi? Pickled beets? You’re not drooling yet? Well neither are we. Luckily there are tasty and nutritious ways to get the goodness of fermented foods- even fermented veggies! You could try a sweetened version of beet kvass. How about some fruit and veggie kombucha? Try some yogurt or even some wine and cheese! Having a burger? Why not have a homemade pickle as well! There are plenty of ways to get the benefits of probiotics from a number of fermented foods, and if your diet is still lacking, you could always take a probiotic supplement!