What I Put In My Healthy Shakes


Making a healthy smoothie or shake is a quick way for me to get a wide varitey of nutrients into my body.  Here is a list of my favorite things to add to organic fruits and vegetable smoothie recipes for maximum nutrition.

Protein Powder– A plant pased protein supplement for building and maintainingg lean muscle mass.

Collagen – An animal based protein source for mainting healthy skin, bones and joints.  Can be added to cold or hot drinks with no effect on the drink.  I add it to my soups and teas as well.

Spirulina–  With high concentrations of numerous vitamins and minerals Spirulina has been called the most powerful health food supplement ever.  It is also a great sorce of beta-carotene which is an antioxidant that strengthens the immune system.

Coconut Oil- A source of healthy fats that contain anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.  Also contains lauric acid and is easily metabolized which can aid in weight loss and energy.

Acai- Acai berries provide healthy fats that promote cardiovascular and digestive health.

It is important to find these products in thier purest form possible for easy absorbtion and digestion.