What I Put In My Healthy Shakes


Making a healthy smoothie or shake is a quick way for me to get a wide varitey of nutrients into my body.  Here is a list of my favorite things to add to organic fruits and vegetable smoothie recipes for maximum nutrition.

Protein Powder– A plant pased protein supplement for building and maintainingg lean muscle mass.

Collagen – An animal based protein source for mainting healthy skin, bones and joints.  Can be added to cold or hot drinks with no effect on the drink.  I add it to my soups and teas as well.

Spirulina–  With high concentrations of numerous vitamins and minerals Spirulina has been called the most powerful health food supplement ever.  It is also a great sorce of beta-carotene which is an antioxidant that strengthens the immune system.

Coconut Oil- A source of healthy fats that contain anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.  Also contains lauric acid and is easily metabolized which can aid in weight loss and energy.

Acai- Acai berries provide healthy fats that promote cardiovascular and digestive health.

It is important to find these products in thier purest form possible for easy absorbtion and digestion.

What To Do When Weight Loss Doesn’t Work

You started exercising… You switched to diet of mostly local and organic whole foods… You’ve cut carbohydrates and increased your protein intake… You started walking to work… After months of dedicating yourself to your new lifestyle, you step on a scale, and you see the SAME number staring back at you. You haven’t lost weight, you are frustrated, and almost ready to give up.

If this scenario sounds familiar to you, you are not alone. Literally 2/3 of our country is overweight. Many of these people have tried everything. They have changed their diets. They have started exercising. They have focused their lives on weight loss. And nothing has worked. This is the time that most people turn to fad diets and magic weight loss pills, but there are smarter and safer solutions!

In one of my recent articles, I discussed Green Coffee for weight loss. Today I am going to discuss African Mango Extract. This natural weight loss solution is designed for people who have a lot of weight to lose and I’m about to explain why. When people gain a lot of weight, it is often because they have become leptin resistant. Leptin is a hormone that tells your body to stop eating when you have become full. As people ignore this signal and continue to eat when they are not hungry, they become resistant to this signal all together. When someone becomes leptin resistant, weight loss is nearly impossible.

African Mango supplements are all natural, safe, and effective as long as you follow these simple guidelines: Look for an African Mango supplement that is 100% pure and contains zero fillers, flow agents, or artificial ingredients. The best supplements will come from a trusted company with sustainably sourced ingredients.